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In the field of industrial products, installation and custom design, you won’t find a more knowledgeable team than Gee Dee Industrial Solutions in Queensland. We offer a huge selection and unbeatable pricing on both name brand and custom-built products to enhance your processes. Our customers trust us to deliver every product on time and in excellent condition whenever they work with us. With over 65 years of experience, we can guarantee you high-quality service, products and installations. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your business grow by reducing energy costs and increasing efficiencies. 

Shade Sails: Design, Fabricate, Install & Repairs for all applications


Overview of our products display

Dust Containment & Extraction

Dust containment & extraction is one of our many specialties. We offer the following technologies and items to control dust creation for any relevant project, plus more. Our dust control & containment products include:

  • Dust collectors with new technology cartridge systems and fire retardant filters where required
  • Dust containment systems that include true fogging technology from 0-30um water droplets
  • Custom designed & client specific bag houses with latest technology bags & filters
  • Small portable fume extraction units able to be moved from job to job

Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Systems

We excel in the control of Heat & Noise, we have a wealth of experience & resources to call on when contracted to design a solution for Noise, Heat Loss or Personal Protection. We offer:

  • Heat loss Blankets & PPE
  • Covers for hot motors - Turbo Covers & Exhaust Wraps
  • Pipe Wraps for large diameter process pipes Hot or Cold increasing efficiency and lowering energy costs
  • Acoustic products for building silent walls - we will help design and install if needed.
  • Sound dampening products for vibration noise control

We have the following products available for a wide range of needs. Please contact us with any questions about our offerings.

Additional product selection

  • Thermocouples and Protection Tubes plus a full range of accessories
  • Electrical Insulating Custom Designed Shaped products with heat resistence up to 1000c - Machined or Fabricated to customer specification
  • Release coatings (high temperature) custom blended for refractories and metal applications
  • Phoscrete Concrete Repairs - Can be ready in 1 Hour

For affordable pricing, expert installation from a safety-minded team, productivity increases due to enhanced processes and overall improvement of your business, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you.

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